Walking where water meets land: What produces freedom?

There is something quite interesting to me about walking beside the coast where ocean meets land. The coast is a strange convergence of realms. On one side you have a vast expanse of water, uninhibited from contact with the day-to-day busyness and activities of us “land-dwellers.”

I often walk along the shore contemplating the underwater worlds of the ocean, the mysteries that exist underneath I also think with wonder about the people from all over the world who may be looking at the same body of water that I am. I wonder if, as I am walking along the coast of Oregon, California or Washington, staring into the deep blue and soothing sounds of waves, if there is someone who is in Japan or China who is also walking along this same body of water, on the other side of the world, having the same thought.

In those moments I feel a deep sense of connection with whoever that person may be, as although thousands of miles apart, we are looking at the same body of water and can almost look each other in the eye. I ask for their blessing as one friend would wish another well on their journey. I realize that our entire planet is connected in this same way.

I then turn my head and look to the inland from the coast. I consider the cities and towns within the country, where people lead a daily routine of the 9 – 5. People who spend their lives running by the clock, who rarely have a moment to breath in a breath of pure air.

Walking along the coast I find a sense of two realms converging:

One realm is something vastly unknown to us. A mysterious place filled with unseen creatures, unexplored territories, and expanding across the earth.

On the other side I see the realm of what we know on this earth. A realm in which we are caged from the mysterious, boxed in to ignore the adventure calling us into a greater level of love and freedom within our hearts.

But these are, of course, my own observations from this current perspective from my current activity. It is not the activity itself which produces freedom; rather, it is a relationship we come to realize exists for us that produces freedom beyond whatever daily routine we may have. One must do what they feel is most important within their own heart, as we each continue to explore this wonderful life and all it may have awaiting us.


2 thoughts on “Walking where water meets land: What produces freedom?

  1. Like you, I have always loved to be beside the sea. The sea seems to represent the mysterious and the spiritual, and the land the practical and the material. In a sense, life is about the balance between the two.


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